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Cashless Catering

Biggleswade Academy operates a cashless catering system which incorporates the latest technology and eliminates the need for pupils to carry cash throughout the day. The system is also biometric (see FAQ for more details) so there is no need for pupils to carry a card as it will recognise the thumb of your child at the tills.

All pupils will be shown how to use the system.

Any amount of money can be paid into a pupil's account and any money spent on food and drink will be deducted on a daily basis.

A daily 'spend limit' of £4.00 is programmed into the system, however, this can be increased or decreased for an individual pupil by making a written request to the school office.

We operate an 'opt-in' policy for this system and therefore require you to complete a form for this. If you choose not to have your child registered on the biometric system, your child will still be able to purchase food by telling the kitchen staff their name,