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Ofsted ParentView Survey - June 2019

At Biggleswade Academy, we know that working in partnership with families has many benefits for our children. We value all feedback from our stakeholders and as a learning community, we are really keen to hear what parents believe we are doing well, as well as the areas where parents would like to see improvements.

Consultation can happen informally, on the playground, or formally through a written survey. We also canvas views via our parents forum. In addition, we have a suggestion box for parents in our three main entrances.

This year, as part of our inspection, Ofsted invited parents to complete a survey to present their views of the Academy:

"I really value the fact that the school really looks out for the children's happiness not just how they do in tests. The teaching staff have got to know my children and what makes them tick so enables them to be proud of what they achieve."

My Child is Happy at This School

My Child Feels Safe at This School

My Child Makes Good Progress at This School

"Incredibly appreciative of the support my daughter has received at BA. There is a genuine interest in her happiness with all staff I have come across, wanting the best for her. Love that the children's happiness is just as important as their academic progress."

My Child is Well Looked After at This School

My Child is Taught Well at This School

My Child Receives Appropriate Homework for Their Age

"My child is very happy at school, loves her lessons and feeling supported with her SATS."

This School Makes Sure its Pupils are Well Behaved

"My child has been very happy at Biggleswade Academy, particularly in KS2 and 3. She will be sorry to leave. She has had some supportive teachers and has had a variety of great learning opportunities."

This School Deals Effectively with Bullying

This School is Well Led and Managed

This Schools Responds Well to any Concerns I Raise

I Receive Valuable Information from the School about my Child's Progress

Would You Recommend This School to Another Parent

"My son only started in January but has settled well. He is undergoing some health problems and the staff have been great with this and very prompt and organised in supporting him. All staff are friendly and approachable and my son has settled quickly!"