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ASD Provision

ASD Provision Lead Teacher: Mrs C. M. Lake (

Biggleswade Academy is very privileged to accommodate an 8-place 'middle site' ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Provision. Based at the Mead End site, the children who attend our Provision are all within the Year 5-Year 8 age range (9-13 years), have a diagnosis of ASD and an Education Health Care Plan. 

The Provision is designed to accommodate children who haven't been able to fully access a mainstream setting due to their ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) and/or associated needs but have the potential to do so with the support of a secure base and specialised provision. Our primary aim is to work with children and staff in order to provide the elevated level of support needed, whilst working towards integrating children back into mainstream education so that they can move onto their next setting confidently and independently. 

With ASC knowledge as our speciality, we are able to work with children, their families and their previous settings to identify barriers to learning before using evidence-based ASC approaches and strategies within the Provision to: 

  • Teach the appropriate curriculum 
  • Equip children with the skills to be able to access mainstream lessons (initially with elevated support and eventually more independently) 
  • Provide specialist support to develop successful social interaction and self-regulation skills 
  • Enable appropriate future integration into mainstream education

A step-by-step approach of individualised learning, based on need and academic ability, is provided to enable a gradual transition into the mainstream setting, which in turn ensures that each child has the confidence to be included, to learn alongside their peers and that their difficulties associated with ASC are addressed and supported on a daily basis.

Challenge is also an essential part of our teaching approach here at the Academy. The safe and secure environment that we provide means that we can challenge children to try new things, to go outside of their comfort zone and to manage life (positive or negative) so that they are better prepared to function fully in society as they move into adult life. 

The classroom in the ASD Provision comprises of two teaching areas and individual workstations, which allow children their own space. There is a functional kitchen for life skills lessons and a fenced garden to provide a peaceful area for outdoor activities. Children also have access to a quiet room that they can use and a changing space for PE lessons. 

Admissions to the ASD Provision are decided by the local authority. 

If you have any questions or would like to visit our provision, please contact the Academy office.